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Fishing under the Pattullo Bridge

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Hey Folks,

I'm sort of a beginner and I'm just wondering about fishing under the Pattullo Bridge. I see some anglers down there when riding the skytrain and I'm just wondering if the spot is any good? I work at the gateway station and was thinking about going down there after work. Looks like the majority of the guys there are bottom bouncing. Has any one fished down there? Thoughts?

Thanks! Great forum!

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i doubt those guys are bottom bouncing there because its just a mud flat (but hey you never know) I have fished down there and Wookie fishes there with some regularity. the bar is called Brownsville and used to be a real hot spot for coho,jack springs and steelhead. It still gets a good share of fish from what i have heard. Only thing i ever got there was pike minnows and the missing hits of bigger things :wallbash: I know they gets lots of cutties there in the spring as well. Most guys just fish roe of the bottom (bar fishing style) no spinning glo or a very small one.
Thanks Hook for the replie. that's what I meant by bottom bouncing.. weight + Y + leader/Roe.. I gotta get my terminology right. I went fishing up on 264th the other week and caught a small trout I think.. looked like a cutthroat..I tried wool and roe, but wasn't very successful.

I'm basically looking for a close spot to fish along the fraser.. I'll give this a go a couple times and post up the results. When fishing with Roe is it best to use the canned stuff or fresh? sacks (cheesecloth style) or just individuals attached to a hook? How long should I be leaving my line out before retrying? Also I have a crappy old rod right now and I'm thinking of getting something new.. what should I look for? main line weight? leader weight?

thanks for the response!
talk to DMW he fishes down there with roe bar fishing for bull trout
most people bar fish down there with roe targeting bull trout and salmon during pink season it gets super busy as everyone is tossing spoons to buzz bombs in hopes for a chrome pink ;D.
Brownsville is a classic old school bar fishing spot.

What you'll need is a good spinning rod, 10' long with a medium action and a spinning reel spooled up with 12lb mainline or even some braid of the same diameter. You'll also need a rod holder, lawn chair, thermos of coffee, sack lunch and of course a cowbell for your rod.

For a terminal rig, it's very simple. A 2-6 oz pyramid weight, attached to a stout line with two spreader bars about 24" apart. Spreader bars are those wire "t" things in fishing shops. 4" spreader bars are fine for the lower Fraser. Use a good quality swivel to attach this to your main line. Put a dew worm on one spreader bar and good fresh roe on the other. Probably want to use a 2/0 hook size. Toss that out and let it sink down to the bottom, then reel it tight so there is a slight flex in your rod as it sits in the holder. Attach your cowbell to the rod, sit back and watch the river traffic go by. If a coho, bull trout/dolly, chum, chinook jack or who knows what else likes your offering the bell will ring and it's fish on!

You can use this set up on all of the bars below the mission bridge. There's a book somewhere called bar fishing the lower fraser with some good spots, but who knows how productive they are any more. Brownsville, Two Bit, Duncan, Dump, Gasline and Leader Bar are all classic bar fishing spots on the Fraser.
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thanks RI4B07! First off.. you guys rule!.. much appreciated on the comments. This is exactly the setup that I saw on a fellow anglers when I was up on two bit bar on Sunday. I just had a weight with Y thingy and a leader+roe.. I caught a small trout, and obviously released it.

thanks all for the input, see ya down at the river!

btw.. just out of curiousity, I most always release, but is it normal for keeping fish that you catch at this time of year? anyone had any of these for dinner? taste? salmon should be chromes for this time of year right?

Anytime someone wants to learn one of the old school methods of salmon fishing, i'm glad to help.

The salt regs don't really explain what you can and cannot keep non salmon wise so i'd suspect the straight up region two fresh water regs apply, but don't quote me. no wild bulls/dollies/steelhead/cutthroat. But a chum with a white chin and belly is good, silvery hatchery coho, and chinook are good to go. Throw back the squaw fish and bullheads, or face scorn and ridicule from the old timers.

Make sure you are 110% possitive on fish identification before killing anything.

This time of year you can expect chum, coho, chinooks and bull/dollies.
thanks again for the reply. Do you have any bookmarks for fish identifications? I'll google, but your right.. best be safe. thanks again
If you're looking for close spots have a look at river dr. after the queensbourgh bridge ... there's a few spots through there as well.
Great replies, guys. I've always wondered how productive barfishing those areas is, but I guess it's like anything else - if you hit it right, it can be pretty decent. :)

Barfish boraxed dog roe from 2 hours before the high tide to 2 hours after the high tide and you should hook atleast a jack spring/coho or a few chum.
wow, thanks for the info! a couple of follow up questions.

How far do I need to be casting out? should I be launching it as far out as I can? Also I'll look up where to find out the tide information.

Can you explain what boraxed dog roe is? is that dogfish roe? Is this borax + roe in cheesecloth? sorry for being a newb. thanks!
Chum roe wrapped with spider thread to help hold it on but not necessary as the flow
of the river is slow in this area. Three inches of pencil lead and cast 50 feet is all that
is needed. With this being a bar with slack water the fish will slide close to shore to
relax a bit.

:beerchug: Marko
thanks Marko :beerchug: back to ya.

ok, I think that I have enough info here.. where is the best place to get roe just out of curiousity?
Fishing tackle shops have decent roe but it's better to cure your own.
I live not to far from this bar so i have fished there a few times and not done as well as the local guys
Then after talking to a couple of them i realised i had the wrong roe
natural roe (not colored) worked the best
And these guys were getting some good jack springs
This is a very Small bar and can get crowded
If you don't have a 3oz + lead you will drift with the current
No need to cast past 30 ft :thumbup:
Lots of bullheads here too that will steal your roe :wallbash:
I've also seen a Sturgeon hooked there. Of course that fellows gear was gone in a hurry. Marko has the right idea. The old timers there do not cast out very far. You can also use a round, flat weight that looks like a loonie on steriods to holed your plunking gear on the bottom. Hey Dolph, the best place to get info is right here on this forum. Just do a 'search' for the topic you want more info on.
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