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I've hiked the hour plus hike up to eagle ridge-east of buntzen lake, several times these past several years and always stop beside the northern small chain of lakes, half covered in lily pads. Anyway, the second time i hiked up there, i glimpsed three small fish-all around eight-nine inches jump at the edge of the lily pads. Second time i hiked up there two weeks later, i tried fishing with several small lures and flies. Only god a strike once.

Last year, i only had a chance to hike up there once and with powerbait, i hooked a fish prehaps ten, twelve inches long but lost it at the edge of the lake.

This summer, of 2006, i went with worms but alas it was too early in the year and the water too cold, and caught nothing. But that is beside the point, anyway, has anyone else fished these small lakes (not cypress lake) and what type of fish are in these lakes. I am guessing either small rainbow trout or white fish...if anyone actually knows...i would like to know, please.

few of us are going to mill lake on saturday, come out if you have some sort of flotation device you can sit on and fish off of , like a pontoon,vboat,float tube etc the lake was stocked about 2 months ago and kow onw fished it that much
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