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Fishing with Muphy at the Cap. 26/09/07

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Started the day with Dogbreath tuning the rigger; exchanging the fraid first 80' for the good 160' - or so we thought. "Should we crip the ball on or tie it?" was question Dog asked.
"Crimp, that the way the pro's do it," my reply. "Tieing a bolen in it is so sailer bush legue."
Hit the water an hour early for the flood and we decided to try an old ebb spot, the ***** (people like to crab there) near Stanly Park. I put the ball on the rigger and gingerly drop it over, it rockets to the bottom without asking the cable directions.
I always get a rod on the planner out before the rigger and today was no exeption; however, this time the rod from 1993, a Diawa KGX Power Moocher, gave it up. On reterving the planner it snapped.
Abuse the most likely cause for both.
No, ball an hour to flood and in a major city. We will go to Stevstion Marine and tie up to the comercial float. Cool a new ball tie on with a bolen taking the first turn a the Cap on a flood at the end of Sept, big herring on the bottem with a anchovie and flasher above. Oh, the rigger only has 80' of line... ok, many times have I pulled fish out from 80'. No worries.
Spoke to soon, first tangle; on for a whole pass from 14th to the marker. The first tangle is followed by the second and third but finally it is worked out.
What is not is that every boat has at least hit a coho or jack. We are doing no different but we only have 80' of cable. I'm handling that as well as the runt of the pack can.
On the last turn it happens.
The gas runs out, fine switch tanks. Start engine... nothing. Check that the safety switch is in and the key too. Nothing. Pull the lines up. Take the cover of the engine off. The f**king starter has come off from the block, screw sheered right off. Ok, I'll take the gaurd off and pull start. Even with WD-40 the screws will not come out... does not still drifting toward the bank. f**k it, I take a knife to the plasic and cut the gaurd off - some OHS pro am I. Three times and I get her started with a back up pull starter. With some tape the starter is put out of the way and we are on the way home.
My boat is DOA so don't be rude if I'm at the Vedder.
Oh, phishing was good at the Cap mostly for smaller coho but most boat had a spring on, but most did not boat em'.
A fish cautgh the same day in 2005.

Have fun, Jason
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Great post too bad it's all true!

I talked to my Buddy in the other boat he saw us headed for the gravel bar and probably would have bailed us out.

Just got the new CG90DR Lamiglas Classic Glass rods from from the PO 20 minutes ago so we can't give up yet! :beerchug:
Look on the bright side, at least you didn't suffer the indignity of having to be towed in. Somebody was getting towed back to false creek as I was coming in. Figured from the way your post was heading it was you. Guess it was some other unlucky fisherman.
Jay....that's what you get for cutting class!! :naughty:

I hear ya with the cluster-f___s.....you can never have just one, but good on ya for gettin' the boat running again.

What was it that was causing your "tangles"?

"Tieing a bolen in it is so sailer bush legue."

Ha ha........too funny on that comment!! It's the sailors fix for everything.........but the "famous last words" always come back to sting.
The bolen is better than a crip that's for sure. The rabit go up the hole, the tree and back down again... best knot ever, if you don't know it learn it - seriously, one of the three knot a fisher needs to know a long with the half hitch and improve clinch (and I know some one will say you need a nail knot or blood knot or monkey paw knot but all of those are show off knots - doing it with those three and some duct tape is the man's way or the ape like woman's way).
Have fun, Jason
Yes , I am that someone. Bowline, Uni-knot and Snell knot would be the three. Baling wire ( form wire) and duct tape would complete the Canadian tool kit.

One undersized Tuesday afternoon, scraping bottom with anchovie. No fun when your motor goes dies, especially there. Big tidal flow and big audience. Great you got it going. :thumbup:
Jay, did you use one of those tear-drop shaped steel cable-end-reinforcing units? I don't think cable to a swivel loop is going to last very long whether you use a knot or crimps. Later. Dog.
No I didn't but I've run it with no thimble for year with out a problem between the cable and swivell.
have fun, Jason
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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