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Sorry I didnt do this earlier but this is the first I've seen this.

A little about you?
Name: Lynn
Age: 45
Language: English
Residence: Fraser Valley
Marital Status: Happily Married 23 years
Fishing Experience : About 5 years and want to go as much as I can!

Your Favorite(s)
Favorite Salmon species: Springs of course! (I think its the adrenaline rush! )
Favorite Trout species: Cutthroat - could be changed after I catch my first steelhead though ;-) Favorite Other?: Rainbow
Favorite fish to fish for: Any kind of fishing - SPRINGS, Coho, Pinks, Sturgeon
Favorite river: vedder, Fraser
Favorite Lake: Chilliwack - its really the only lake I've fished
Favorite Method: Drift fishing - casting spoons
Other places I have fished: Manzanillo, (I caught a dorato) Puerto Vallarta (another dorato) Fiji - Couldn't catch much with a hand line!
Biggest fish I've caught - 5 1/2 foot sturgeon (on 20lb test)

For those who want to scare the crap out of us - look out! lol
HT: 5'2"
WT: 105

Hobbies: (Fishing is my absolute favorite hobby, first and foremost )- I like to paint, gardening, and I breed gouldians.
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