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Float Tube Fins Opinions

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What fins do you use when out fishing in your float tube? I have no idea what to look for
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if you can afford them,force fins are the only way to go.
Ask for the 'Force Fins' from any major fishing outlet. They are by far the best. I find its a softer fin that is easier on the shins and comfortable on the feet if your going to kick for long distances. If you know your not going far, any typical flipper including diving flippers can work. Hope that helps!
Yes, I would have to agree that Force Fins would be your best choice. I 've had mine for many years and they work flawlessly.

I used generic dive fins for years. They worked OK. I got Force Fins last year. They work GREAT!!!
I use "farce Fins" they look like the real thing but are far from the quality of force fins.

I have a bad habit of leaving my fins at the boat launch so I am not allowed to buy real force fins anymore (self imposed ban) :wallbash:

I am sure there are a few guys out ther enjoying their fins on me....may they serve you proud they definetly have good "fish karma" :beerchug:
Thanks for the information
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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