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Fly Fishing on Rivers

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I've never really fly fished on any rivers before, and I'm really pumped to start doing so this season.
My question is how do you go about casting so that your not flossing the fish?
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either cast downstream 45 deg or upstream 45 deg. downstream u usually swing or strip streamers or attractors and up stream up dead drift nymphs and dryflies (just the basics)
you can also cast straight out from yourself let it swing a bit in the current then start stripping works great for pinks and coho this way ;)

Another thing to consider when flyfishing for salmon, is to keep in mind how deep your fly is in the water. That is where the Rio Versi-tip system is real handy. If you find yourself snagging fish on a consistent basis with the fast sinking tip, use one of the gradual sink tips. Gives the salmon more of an opportunity to see and grab your offering. As for trout, I would not worry about flossing them. Remember there is a difference when fishing for a trout in a river, good sized trout in a stream will set up home in a prime lie. They will in most cases strike a well presented fly....depending upon what they are feeding at that time in the season. Try and floss them go ahead, it will be a lesson in futility.
I find my self fishing streamers more and more, seems like big fish like big food and little fish dont like each other.
ive always found my biggest Coho have come on quite small patterns :thumbup:
u have to keep the fly in perportion with the fish, obviously but my biggest coho 9lbs came to a 3inch coho blue pattern. And i hooked but lost a steely on a muddler minnow the size of my thumb. but i'm one of those guys that flukes just about anything.
well my biggest fly caught coho 15lbs was on a very small muddler minnow and i hit lots of fish that day even springs with it

but thats not my biggest coho ;D
time to experiment, there are some places that produce monster coho but only catch and release. But they're trying to keep the run stocks strong so makes sense.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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