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Fly fishing Quesnel Lake

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Got some family with a cabin in the Winkley Creek area of Quesnel Lake. Is there any decent fly fishing around there? Went out in the pontoon boat for a bit the other day and draggeda green leech on sinking line for something to do in the middle of the day and got a few thumps.
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There is great fishing both on Quesnel Lake and in the smaller lakes in the area. The rainbows on Quesnel are huge and they are meat eaters. We do great on bucktails, zonkers and large streamers trolled at double speed right down the center of the lake. It's unusual fishing, but it works really well.
welcome to the board gents, r u guys from quesnel area? if so looking forward to more posts :thumbup: :thumbup:
I'll second that welcome fellas. :beerchug: Always looking for a few reports from that region. Happy posting! :thumbup:

Finder ;)
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