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Fly line setup for steel

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There have been a few posts lately about Fly guys snagging, or flossing steel. Now, Im new to the approach for flyfishing for steel, as Im sure are some others on this forum. Now my question is what is the typical setup for fly fishing for steel.I know floating line is the wat to go, but what after that? How long of leeder do you use, some books say double the depth of the water you fishing, while others say add about 2 feet to the depth your fishing? Do you use a leaded tippit to get down to the fish, plus a 24 inch leeder? Floro with split shots? When walking a river system you are always comming across different depths of fishable water, so how do you adjust your line from going 3 ft of water, to a nice slow pool say maybe 9-10 feet deep? I have been reading everything i can get my hands on regarding flyfishing for steel, and am curious what your set up is and how to solve some of these problems. Being a rookie, I would hate for my inexperience resulting in getting into a possible fight, being pushed in the water(just kidding HOOK) or having my picture posted, the DFO called and me reported for rookie mistakes. Trust me I hate snaggers, and Im looking for advice and imput from those with proper, ethical knowledge of the proper approach.
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Actually instead of straight floating line Rio Versa-tip works best. What you have is a floating belly and 15ft inter-changable tips. These tips can be anything from floating to leadcore, to tungsten. They will pull that fly down.

As for hanging you fly right instead of snagging, same idea as gear, you have to get that little bit of upstream pull back to set it straight, we use mends and a downstream angled cast to do this. As long as it looks like you line is hanging fly first, you're in good, simply put, without getting crazy technical.
I've got a floating with 24 ft tips, that i've either left that length or shortened. I'm looking into the Versi-tip lines they look good. Leader is usually 4ft but i'll go up to 6ft for clear conditions. i dont add weight to the leader, i either use a heavier tip or a heavier fly. If its warm, low and clear out i'll stick with the plain floating line and a weighted fly and have it 1ft bellow the surface.

I hope this helped
The debate between who's snagging who between fly and gear anglers will always be around. :wallbash:

I use a Versitip system for my double and single handers. Rio also has a versitip Anadropmous Advantage that has the potential for up to a 24' tip.
I have yet to see a snagged steelhead with a fly ...I've fished with numerous guys this year that all throw flies and haven't seen a one...I guess there might be a way to do but I don't think if your presenting your fly properly ( i.e. in a fashion that will actually catch fish,) then there is anyway you could snag one...Of course I haven't fished anywhere with huge schools of them that had the potential to throw 20 feet of T14 across and try and rip through but then what would be the point in that?
Minimum 8 WT and nothing less, A rio Versa Tip like the Windcutter is a good line It gives you your full floating line with all your different sink tips.

As for bulk sink tips Rio sells Bulk T-8 (8 Inch's per second) T-14 (14 Inch's per second) Thiss tuff you can make your own lengths, Personally i like 8 FT peices most comfortable for me to cast

As for leaders If your running Sink Tips, I use a 2 ft section of 12 Pound Mono and thats it Reason for the 2 ft it helps your Fly sink with the Sink Tip getting you into the zone.

For Winter steelhead, You dont need split shot and anythign liek that , just a straight peice of mono and your fly and thats it.

If your gonna spend the money and get into fly fishing - Go straight to a Spey Setup, that way you can cast the bigger flies that steelhead like.

I spey fish for steelhead, I Run a Scandi Shooting Head with a 8 Ft peice of either T-8 or T-14 with a no longer than 2 ft leader. (I chose my Sink tips according to the area Im fishing)

I got one Steelhead to the beach this year and i casted straight out and right after the cast it was hooked, that fish took my fly on the drop !!!!

Here is how i fish a run

I like to cast a 45 degree downstream with a small upstram mend making the fly run "STRAIGHT" down stream, when it comes to the end of its furthest point of going straight it does a small swing inward towards the shore, there for after the swing i let it hang there for a few seconds then cast again moving my way down river.

As long as the fly is heading downstream first kind of like the way you would with colorado blades its all good, if your fly line has a big downstream belly to it that fly is moving so fast from the momentum of that big UNMENDED Belly your nott gonna get into the zone and therefore not get anything, That MEND !!! is very Important

If Fly/Spey guys were flossing fish would see more reports of fish being caught, and you would see allot of fly guys out there getting fish when your out and about. I have been out for a month and half steelhead fishing and only had 1 to the beach. You see where im going with this ;D Fly caught Steelhead this time of year is hard to do never alone snag one

Hope this Helps you out !!

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hey no problem Tuber. I dont mind being the vigilante around these parts LOL :happy: :cheers: :naughty: however i use a multi tip system on both my single hander and my double hander. they work great in ALL situations. and if you mend properly you arent long lining with a fly line. the trick is making sure you mend like everyone said so that your fly is ahead of everything and being dead drifted. I have seen guys long lining especially in the Squish, they let the line create a "drag loop" which is the same as what your doing when BBing.

BCFR Vigilante

HOOK :happy:
what kind of line is best for low water steelheading like the Cap or Seymour. I have sinking lines, but what kind of tips are best?
if i was to fly fish the Cap i would most likely go with a clear tip because its so clear and the fish are pretty spooky in there. if you can get away with a dark tip then by all means use one because the clear tip isnt a very fast sink rate at all.
;D little things make a difference. All i will say is i use a normal tip, and a LONG leader!

Pm me if u want a little more info
I run the air flo or rio versi tip lines, airflo is on my 9wt for when I sigle hand up in the Bulkley or the skeena etc, and then I have the rio on my 8wt sage that I use for chum, coho, and steelhead, as well as sockeye.Ya they come with a standard 4-6ft tip, but u can custom them or get them customed dirt cheap. :beerchug:
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