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Fly reel brands

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I've recently inherrited a ton of flyfishing gear, but I can't use it all. I would like your opinions on various fly reels to aid me in what to keep and what to sell:

1. a mint "martin"flyreel - model unknown

2. new abu garcia "diplomat" - leaning towards this as it has a great drag system

3. "hardy" marquis good shape

4. "hardy" with spare spool - model not known

4. "sage" with 3 spools - good shape

5. "berkely" midel uncertain - mint

plus other random reels in various conditions

if anyone can provide me with some advice it would be appreciated, since I've only ever fished with whats in my possession at the time, and have never really shopped around for brand name stuff/

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The Martin flyreel is decent, but is a common department store brand...fairly inexpensive.

The Abu I have never seen before...probably not worth too much.

The Hardy Marquis is an interesting reel, especially if it's the older model with the chrome palming rim. Probably the most collectible of your collection. I love hardy reels and have a Marquis 4 on my 4wt.

The Sage reel might be interesting. Is it the machined aluminum one like this:

If it doesn't look like that one, but is the cast aluminum with something like "Sage 1300" printed on it, then it is manufactured by JW Young & Sons for Sage in Redditch, England. It's not worth much, but JW Young & Sons have been in the tackle industry for a long time and just closed their doors a few years ago...so it might be collectible.

Depending on the sizes of the reels, you might have a great collection there for a number of different flyline weights. Shoot a photo of the Hardy reel and spool and post it up. Let me know if you're thinking about selling those. If it's the model that I'm looking for I might be interested in buying it off of you.
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the hardy reels and the sage reels would my choice. i don't like berkely or martin and the abu reels are a little chintzy...but that's my opinion. everyone has there own. 8)
Unless you're using your fly setup for heavy fish why worry too much about having an expensive reel ???..Isn't a fly reel just a line holder when you fish smaller fish?????
As you can tell this comes from a gearhead who is only a part-time fly chucker.. :wink:
I have two older Browning fly reels that have great drags and are very smooth, they look guite old but are still in great shape ..Pfleuger made a good reel years ago and I have one of those somewhere in my collection ...
For the price, current Martins are great for the beginner and small lake fly chucker..

If you can, post pictures of the Hardy and Sage reels. The Marquis should have a number on it indicating the suitable line weight. The Marquis came in a few different versions, Click and Pawl
, Disk Drag, and a Multiplier. The other Hardy you mention should have a name on it but a picture would resolve that issue.

Sage had reels built for them by Hardy. I don't recall all of the details but they were brown in color and marked 505,509 and so on. Quite similar to a Hardy JLH. Very nice reels.

Post pics or email them to me if possible and you will get a lot more insite on your equipment.
I aslo think I have a centerpin designed by J.W YOung and Sons. It says "Seldex" on it ...thats all I can find. If someone can tel me how to post pics I will. Thanks again for all the help guys!
Pflueger still makes great reels. :) i use a Pflueger Trion on my 5 weight. Beautiful reel. i have a Browning Citori on my 3 weight. My all time fav. reel. too bad they don't make em anymore :cry:
I'd be interested in seeing a photo of the unknown Hardy! Can you post a photo? Maybe we can help you identify it.

I've got a Hardy Marquis 7 that my step dad gave to me. It's in good shape, but I've retired it. I'm not sure how old it is, but the spool is silver, and the cage is grey. The Marquis is an old favorite. My friend has a Marquis Salmon reel for his single-handed 8 weight, and another Marquis Spey sized reel for his spey rod! They are nice to look at.
The "unknown" hardey is a called the "viscount-140" - apparently I'm illiterate
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