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bravo252 said:
I plan to buy a fly rod and reel from fenwick on boxing day.

I'm just wondering that the stuff below is ok for salmon.

Rod: HMXF 908-2 10 FL37 8 9'0" 2 4
http://www.fenwickfishing.com/prod.php?k=56315&sk=56279&p=PURHMXF 803-2

Reel: FNHLA35 44 yds 3-5 4.9 2.90 1.2

Sorry, I'm not good at internet thingy, no pictures. :oops:

Any recommendation or comments will be welcomed!!


Tight line~
The reel I would not reccomend for salmon: I would go with the FNHLA79 (7-9wt) the one you have selected is a 3-5wt.
The rod is perfect for salmon a nice 8wt

Good Luck and Enjoy
Mike D.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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