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Fly setup?

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New to the sport and i have no clue what i need to get started... i plan to fish mostly lakes and have heard a 4-6 wt rod reel 8'-9' is best and i dont want to spend more than 200 on my first combo. where is a good place to go in the lower mainland . any info would be great. thanks
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4wt is a bit light and a specialty rod. It doesn't handle bigger flies, can't handle a moderate breeze, and most don't have enough backbone to control larger fish. I know, because I was at a lake with fish 3-7 lbs and my poor 4wt (Winston IM6) was usually bent over to the cork most of the time. When the fish would sound to the weeds at the bottom of the lake, there was not much that I could do to turn them.

Since you're new to flyfishing and will probably be looking at one setup to do as much as possible, I would strongly suggest going with a 9' 6wt combo. Get yourself setup with two lines, a full floater and a slow full sinker. That will cover 90% of the conditions that you will want to fish early on.
thanks for the info , i will venture out today and shop around for the best value. any sugestions as to where my best bet to shop is?
You're in Vancouver, I guess? Scott at Angler's West is a good one to go to. There's also M&Y in Vancouver. Not sure if Ruddick's is still around on the North Shore. Not too many choices out there anymore, unfortunately. Shops I liked like Turner's Fly Shop have over the years closed down.
i will be out in surrey tomorrow.. i know of micheal and young but i heard it was expensive... i also heard berrys in richmond is good.
thanks for the info... i went to berry's and got myself a dragonfly dfw 96 9'0 #6 rod and a dragonfly kamloops 56 reel with the extra cartridge... it was a fairly decent price and the guy fired on the float and sink lines onto both spools... so my lines are all tied and i am ready to go.. COME ON WEEKEND! one more sleep until christmas.. i mean fishing trip ;) we are going up to sheridan lake hoping to slay some nice trout. and if not the beer will be cold .... cheers, tight lines .
I don't know the guys at Berry's as well, but yes, they have a good selection of fly tackle. I'd forgotten all about them. :?

The setup that you bought is perfect. That reel will last you a long time, and is a clone of the reel that most of us started out with...the venerable BFR Dragonfly. Remember that fly tippet is a lot smaller in diameter for the pounds test compared to regular monofilament. Tippet material has shock strength, but lower abrasion resistance compared to regular mono. Frequently check it for any nicks that may cause it to break on the next fish. Also, do not set your drag too tightly, and never adjust it when you already have a fish on. You can also palm the rim of the reel if you need a little extra pressure when playing a fish.

Let us know how you do at Sheridan. Good luck!
Thanks for the tips! I will let you know how i did for SURE!
I buy a lot of stuff from Berry's. They are not the cheapest, but they are competative in their pricing and will help you as much as they can..Good return policy and BIG ADDITIONS to their fly gear this year!! If you havn't been to the store lately , you might want to check them out.......Ortho
Just went in there tonight to pick up some last minute flies that I've neglected to tie...WOW! Their prices are ridiculously cheap! I bought nymphs today for $0.99!!! And their dry flies are $0.69!!! They're tied reasonably well, but with Mustad hooks, not Tiemco. At those prices, I'm almost tempted not to bother tying. :eek: Those prices are at or maybe even below what wholesale used to be when I worked in a flyshop.
the trip was great.. broke in the new setup nicley. sheridan was a great lake i didnt get onto anything there but a few buddies did.. we then went to needa lake for the next two days.. that lake is excellent.. more fish than you can handle. pulling up 2 pounders like they were going out of style. i got a 2 1/2 pound rainbow the first day and 2 more 2 pounders the second day.. they were hitting on black leaches with either a bit of red or some silver.. both with gold beads on the head. i am going back to that lake next year as the fishing was amazing... there were 12 of us fishing there for 2 days and we easily caught 100 fish... catch and release of course. the gear i bought was great and i got lost of practice with the knots.... i am hooked now and want to go fly fishing right now lol damn work! i leave tomorrow to do some ocean fishing in ucluelet.. i love it there.. always come home with halibut and or salmon... if you have never been there i recomend it. cheers guys and thank you for the tips and advise.
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Cool! Glad you had a great time!!!
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