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Flyfishing Vancouver Island July??

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Hi guys, after 17 year making a fall trip to the Skeena region with some friends, I now decided to spend a couple of weeks with my wife on Vancouver Island in July this year. She never has been to Canada and I like to show her some of the beautiful environment and wildlife over there.
It will be trip with a camper and I warned her that I will bring some rods & reels with me.
I'm wondering what I can expect there in July. I'm not really a novice, build my own rods (both single handed and Spey) tied my own flies etc.
But all my experience is on the wild fall steelhead of the Skeena, Kispiox, Morice and Bulkey.
All tips are welcome of course!
Thanks in advance.

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You could wait till September? The weather is usaully still great(warm) I would say a little more in the way of steelhead in the rivers, August can be good as well. Salmon fishing off the ECVI beaches can also be a hoot in August
Where are you going on Vancouver Island? I've lived here for 15 years.
Waiting till September is no option for this trip. My wife works at a school and she has to go on vacation during the school-holidays.
And in September I hope to come back with a friend for some Skeena Tribs fishing.
I don't know yet where we want to go on Vancouver Island. I have never been there before but a friend has been to the Stamp.
Again, this will be a family sightseeing trip with some fishing.
The pink fishing from the beach started to be OK last year around July 15. I would suggest it will be better this year as we are in an even year. Pinks on the fly are great fun. Best bets are in the area of the mouth of Nile Creek. Also along the Bowser Bay beach area all the way up to Courtney and beyond to Black Creek and Oyster Bay. At that time of year many sources will be available to let you know where the fish are...

Also some good fishing can be had in the FLY ONLY area on the Cowichan River. Also a great sightseeings area. In late July the Eve may good as well...this is up Island a bit but a really great area.

Hope this helps...feel free to contact me as the time gets closer and I can certainly update you on the beach fishing. May even be some early Coho.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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