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COMMERCIAL - General Information,
COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Sea Urchin - Green

Fishery Notice - Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Subject: FN0680-COMMERCIAL - Green Sea Urchin - Green Sea Urchin 2010 Licence Issuance

Green sea urchin, 2010/11 licence issuance commences at 09:00 hours on Monday
August 23, 2010 at Pacific Fishery Licence Units (PFLU) in Vancouver, Prince
Rupert and Nanaimo.

Licence Application and Issuance:

Green sea urchin applications must be completed and submitted with the required
fee to a PFLU by August 31, 2011 in order to maintain the eligibility whether
fishing will take place or not. Only the licence eligibility holder may sign
the application form. Where the eligibility holder is a company or Aboriginal
group, only an authorized signing authority may sign the application. The PFLU
must have on record a copy of either a Confirmation of Signing Authorities or
an Amendment to Confirmation of Signing Authorities advising who the signing
authorities are.

Prior to annual licence issue, licence eligibility holders must:

- Ensure any Ministerial conditions placed on the licence eligibility are met.

- Ensure any conditions of the previous year’s licence are met, e.g.
completion, submission, and approval of any logbook fish slip or quota overage

- Designate a registered commercial fishing vessel that is eligible for a
vessel-based licence i.e. salmon, schedule II species, geoduck, sablefish,
halibut, crab, shrimp trawl, groundfish trawl and prawn and shrimp by trap, a
valid communal commercial licence or a valid salmon category N licence.

- A maximum of 5 five green sea urchin licences may be designated to a vessel.
Green Sea Urchin licences may be designated to a vessel of any length permitted
to harvest Schedule II species. Fisheries and Oceans Canada reserves the right
to reinstate vessel length restrictions at the lengths associated with each
licence eligibility.


Nanaimo_________ (250) 754-0400
Prince Rupert___ (250) 627-3413
Vancouver_______ (604) 666-0566

Fisheries and Oceans Canada Operations Center - FN0680
Sent August 19, 2010 at 11:08
Visit us on the Web at http://www.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca
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