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just picked up my own. for FREE :happy:

its not in the best condish, but its very nice. it has quite a bit of patches (some are peeling up) but no leaks :)

its 15' 8" long, and 1 meter wide (at the widest point). It's a fairly shallow canoe, ive never seen one like it but it turns like a champion. I guess because it is ontop of the water. only thing that worries me is that if i can hold another person in there with me, but i guess i will have to try.

I am planning on refurbishing it too. right now it has some unpainted patches on the inside and out, and I would like to paint that nicely. I also want to repaint the wood braces around the canoe (used to be purple!). I have already oiled one of the paddles with a nice cherry oil, looks amazing, but I am going to paint the other one different.

So what I need is:
1. what would i need to do to paint the exterior of the canoe (sand, prime, paint, then clearcoat?)
2.what kind of paint do I need for fiberglass
3. should I get special "marine" paint for the braces around the outside
4.to paint the paddle, does it matter what type of paint i get? and will an exterior clear coat work for sealing it? i want the colours to be the same as the botswana flag :p (I have no relation) http://www.enchantedlearning.com/africa/botswana/flag/

thanks, and I'm bound to come up with more questions. If pics are necessary for whatever reason I will try and get some.
any advice will be accepted gratefully

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If you can, throw up a picture. Is it a commercial variety or home made? The important features of a canoe is that the overall length of the keel or center of the boat is level andabsolutely true. If it is not, your boat will track to one side or another when paddling.
Secondly, is the amount of "tumblehome"....(that is the curve inward of the side walls) This feature is important as it will take on leass water is the sides roll in towards the center.
Third is the number of thwarts or cross braces and how the seats are attached and at what height.
How much does the canoe weigh?
As far as painting, fix all the spots and prep it for final paint as per instructions from your local autobody shop, then have them repaint it when they are doing a car in a colour you like...All their paints are perfect for canoes.....If you want to do it yourself...get some leftovers from the bodyshop and paint it yourself, with a rental spray system........................Ortho 8)
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