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Francis Lake

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Wanted to do some small lake fishing this weekend but only had the day. The GF was going to try out the float tube for the first time, so decided upon Francis Lake, up the west side of Harrison. Never been there, but did eventually find it. Not an easy lake to get to by any means. Anyways, at 4 Hectares, it's a tiny lake, but had some decent looking campsites there. Really didn't expect to catch anything, but hooked into a nice 12-14 incher right away, to my surprise. Girlfriend had a bunch of hits and saw a MONSTER of a fish jump..er, kinda roll. She said like 4 pounds plus. A big ******. Isn't there Blackwater bows in here? Anyways, fished into the late afternoon, when we got chased by the torrential downpours. Headed home just in time to see the UFC fight. A great day/night for sure!! :beerchug:
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