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Should be decent summer run and I fully expect the late summer run to be as strong as the last few years which was very good. June 15- 30 is typically a good bump, but with water clarity an issue with getting them to bite I would expect the Fraser to fish best after mid July(it will be dirty till then I feel).
July 1st is the opener for the Vedder river and of course Chinook can be targetted at rivers mouths as they clean their gills in cleaner water.
So bank on knowledgeable Chinook fisherman to be hitting fish good after July 1st.

I'll even throw in a June 15th video to get ya amped.


Bent Rod said:
I think it will open, but have you seen the river :eek:.
Well I hope that when the snaggers go out there that they all hook onto some big azz cotton wood trees floating down and go for a wild ride :thumbup: until then its sturgeon and some clear water chinook angling where applicable haha
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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