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Fraser peg leg Wednesday

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Walked up to the top bend . Most guys bottom bouncing with a few springs caught . Lots of people .Caught four pinks in great condition with lots of fish lost lost . Pinks near the edge so you do not need to wade in deep. Lots of guide boats also ( very loud )
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were you fly fishing Speyman?

i have gone up around the bend to fly fish its great especially when you hook more than everyone else on all species Spring, pinks and even socks (small springs usually)

When I flyfish PegLeg, I drive up behind the people on on Minto Channel, up around the bend, then settle in somewhere nice in that slower water. I was up there on Monday, and it was a GONG SHOW!!!! Easily 300 people+ out there, boats everywhere up around the bend. I didn't even bother fishing. Still a bit of a water crossing, though there were a few cars out there, but mostly trucks and SUVs. Any more recent reports on the Leg?
Yes i was fly fishing . A green wooly bugger was doing good for a while
Did you see many pinks being taken from peg leg?
Most of the fly guys were doing good as the pinks were in close . The bottom bouncers I think were after the springs and not really after the pinks . Only seen a few springs caught but that was on the walk up . You can drive but you have to go through a small stream
sounds good. i think i may head to the upper section of the bar, (see if i can get away from the gongshow), and try flyfishing for some pinks. Just look for the guy swearing and cussing at his tangled line. :wallbash: :happy: :thumbup:
Any up dates.Thinking about heading to peg on monday.What's being caught out there right now.

was out peg leg saturday. the pinks were comming in waves all day, not in the best shape but a few chromers. saw one small spring caught, aswell some jerk bonked a coho. he told everyone it was a red spring, ignorance or guilty, i don't know but the guy was deffinatly a tool either way .
I seen lots of tools this weekend, i watched some guy catch a chrome pink bonks it then asks us what kind of fish this is ::) for all he new it could have been a coho or anything

I dont get it, why do people go out there and fish and not knowing what there fishing for better yet not even know what there catching and BONKING !!! ??

When you buy a new license MOST places will give you a regulations book along with it, inside of it has a desription of the fish and what to look for to determin the type of fish your catching...
ya and the damn book has PICTURES ALSO so any idiot can tell :happy: i remember they also used to give you a little thing with pictures and descriptions to put on your keychain. whatever happened to those?

and to think the gong show of fall fishing has barely even started ::) ::) soon we will all be comlaining about the kicking fest on the Vedder.

I'm heading out to Peg Leg on Friday! Hopefully, it's good fishing, if it's too busy I'll head out to Seabird! Anyone hear if that's a gong show also?
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