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Hello everyone... Wondering if any of you guys have had any thoughts or experience with this situation. I am planning on mooring my new aluminum boat all year around in this river, which is supposed to be fresh water, however I am hearing some different opinions on this as there may be a percentage of salt on the water. Should I be using zinc to protect the boat, as I have heard that I might have to use magnesium anodes. Also, my plan is to use the boat in the salt water, out along the Vancouver Coast.

Also, anyone know of any good aluminum bottom painters around the Vancouver, BC area?


JREX said:
oh yes thanks - I am thinking about Captain's Cove Marina - Approximately 9 miles or so up river
That would still be considered brackish water. 9 miles isn't far enough to get away from the salt.
Port Mann bridge is still brackish water.
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