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Sounds better than the last one! for once a report without "respectivley" and EARLY STUART!

The Fraser River Panel met today and reviewed stock assessment data on the
Fraser sockeye runs and considered harvest opportunities. Test fishing has
improved in recent days in both Juan de Fuca and Johnstone Strait. Similarly
the escapement of sockeye into the Fraser River as observed by the Cottonwood
test fishery and Mission hydroacoustic facility improved over the weekend.

It is still too soon to provide an in-season assessment on E. Summer run size,
but an assessment may be provided on Friday, August 4. The Summer run is
either tracking below the forecast level or is returning later then expected.
More days of migration are required before a decision can made which scenario
is likely.

Discharge levels as measured at Hope have declined as forecast, dropping from
about 3,300 cms last Thursday July 27 to about 3,200 cms Sunday July 30 and to
3,100 cms today. Observed river temperatures have closely tracked the
forecast, dropping from 20.7C last Thursday (July 27) to 19.2C yesterday.
Today's forecast starts with a temperature of 18.5C today, declining to 18.0C
by Wednesday (Aug. 2), and then beginning to increase next weekend to the high
18C range at the end of the forecast period (Monday, Aug. 8).

Given the increased flow of fish an Area D assessment fishery will commence
08:00 hrs August 2 for 38 hrs (see FN0603 for complete details). The purpose
of the assessment fishery is to provide additional information to the Fraser
River Panel to assist in determining the abundance of the Early Summer run
component within the Fraser River sockeye run. This Assessment fishery was
approved by the Fraser River Panel today.

The next scheduled update will be Wednesday PM, August 2 following the next
Fraser River Panel meeting.

Paul Ryall, (604)666-0115

Mike <")))))))><
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