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Fraser River Springs

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I would like to get out to the Fraser and hook into some springs. The only problem, don't know particularly where to go. I've been on the river by boat up near Gilligans and Grassi bottom bouncin but that only happens when my fishing partner is going out (he's the one with the boat). I'd like to get out and chuck some roe at some of the waterways leadin into the Fraser. Not an expert on the subject (still learning) but it's my understanding that where fresher, cleaner water flows into the Fraser, these are areas where springs like to hold and clean there gills. It's also my understanding that you can chuck row at these areas in hopes hooking up with one. So here's what I'd like a little help with. Are there any areas worth checking out that are accessable by walking into? I'd like to take my dad out for Fathers Day this sunday! Also is there any methods you'd suggest? Roe? Spoons? whathaveyou. And how about the water levels, I heard it's coming down what level would be ideal for this. I live in Port Coquitlam. Thanks guys! Hopefully I can get the old man out and get him his first Spring! :D
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hey there LivinLarge

check out the posts under the topic headed "fraser" a couple guys have talked about a couple places that work well

if i could think of some i would help you out buddy but im brain dead tonight and have never actually tryed the mouths of those small streams into the fraser

There are a few creeks worth checking out ... all above Agassiz on one side of the river ... or Bridal Falls on the other. Most are accessible with a bit of a walk (some close than others). Try Ruby Creek, Hunter Creek, Jones Creek, Silverhope Creek, and also where the Coquihalla River runs into the Fraser at Hope.

You can also bottom bounce along the "pipeline" area on the North side of the Fraser River if your into that. Just watch for cars and follow the trail in from the roadway.

Hope this helps a bit.

word on the street hunter cr has produced a few springs in the past week!! hmmmmmm
river is to high albion test net shows nine fish for the last 7 days the mouth of the stave river would be your best bet you could throw a spinner down or a chunk of row just under the railway bridge you will need your tidal licence good luck may be out there sunday myself fish or no fish wife or no wife i know which one i would pick
In my mind its too early in the season to be looking at the Albion test net. As the water is high, the fish are obviously spread out more and with all the debris/seals in the river getting in the nets. Hope someone gets my drift. While out sturgeon fishing on Sunday we saw a native :eek: !SET NET! :eek: pull out 2 springs, never saw one drift boat all day! Kind of good to see.

Mike <")))))><
How'd ya do Sturgeon fishing Mike? We managed to get in 5 before the storm hit ...... biggest one was about 4 1/2 feet ....... just a baby. What a beautiful storm :!: :!:

Don't know what was nicer the fishing or the light show. <lol>

Thanks for the info guys! I'd say most of my fishing was done at the Stave last year so I might try that again soon. Last time I drove by (2 weeks ago) the lower reaches of the river were completely flooded and it was the highest I've seen there before. Hopefully it's dropped since. Since we are on the topic of the stave, besides the massive amounts of chum that get in there, has anyone else done well there? I've heard of Jack springs, Coho and Pink in there, however never been able to hook one. Cheers!
i myself have had pretty good days catching a few coho in the stave?

casting lures or flies on the toilet bowl works they are in there you just need to work through the chum
good spot to go to at the mouth of the stave, park right there and a very short walk down, remember when fishin below below the train bridge you need a tidal licence, above you require a fresh water.
I fish the Stave every year it can make for a fun day playin with Chums and you never know what else might me lurking around.
Last year I hooked into and lost decent Springs on two seperate occasions and the year before landed a sweet silver Coho about 10 lbs.
It can become quite a zoo out there as the season gets better so the best bet is to get there before the crowds do or as they are leaving towards dusk.

*Allways be aware that water is released from the dam and the water level can rise quickly*
that is very true Wagonmaster and i were there one day with actually not many guys around

and we heard the buzzer for the dam warning and got our asses off the river

it went up about 4 feet or so in about 2 minutes or at least it seemed that way :shock: :shock: :shock:

thank god for the warning sound LOL

we just stood by the boat launch and coutinued to have some chum fun HA HA HA

tight lines

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Ive caught spring before below the dam in the summer chuckin spoons
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