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FRASER RIVER - Water levels have been receding at a faster rate over the past week and more gravel bars are starting to appear. For those that don't know, the Island 22 boat launch is now open as the threat of flooding is now over. Chinook fishing is improving with reports of springers being caught at the creek mouths between Hope and Yale and the mouth of the Coq. With the water levels dropping the water clarity is becoming better and bar fisherman are starting to have success. DFO is requesting that anglers fish selectively, this means using methods that do not catch sockeye, to view the notice click this link, http://www.bcfishingreports.com/forum/index.php?topic=3596.0. Acceptable methods include Bar fishing, float fishing, pulling plugs and spoon fishing. Sturgeon fishing has been excellent, fish over eight feet in length have been caught weekly on our charters.

CHILLIWACK/VEDDER RIVER - River is now open. Water levels are coming down but river levels are higher than normal. The lower river yesterday had around 1 foot of clarity and the upper river around the limit hole was close to two feet. There have been a few Chinooks caught and as the river clarity improves anglers will have better success!

CHEHALIS RIVER - Summer Steelhead are the main attraction this time of year and with higher water levels, steelhead should be throughout the system.

HARRISON RIVER - The Harrison river will be very high due to the Fraser river levels and the trout will be hanging out close to shore. Their will likely be a few fry around but most have already migrated to the ocean. Remember, all wild fish in rivers and streams must be released unharmed!

LAKES - Interior and Cariboo lakes are all fishing good. Warm weather, lots of hatches equals great stillwater fishing. Chironomids, May fly nymphs, dragons and look for some damsel nymphs starting the migration. Should be a great month for stillwater diehards, so get out there before the water temperatures get to high.

Tight loops,

Rick Baerg
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