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Frozen Anchovy

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Hey where are you guys buying your anchovys. I'm just trying to find a place closer to home....I'm in Surrey....any help on that one...with the price of gas my trip into Richmond is killing me...
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t....where are you launching your boat....or does it stay in the water?

I get mine at Steveston Marine by Granville Island.....I also think they sell them at the gas dock in False Creek; but don't quote me on that.

edit...I live right on Kits Pt so I will make a point to check the gas dock when I am out for a run as it is about 3 minutes away and right on my "run route".
Thanks...yeah i live in surrey and the boat is trailered...more often than not i launch at McDonald Beach or Ambleside depending on what time of year it is...I usually get my chovy at Berry's but its a ways to go just to pick up bait...and they don't open at 430am when i'm heading to the dock...

I just bit the bullet and bought 2 dozen packages for the freezer...should keep me in bait for a while..
If you can get good ones by a bunch.
As for places on the way into town Pacific Angler (had good ones last year but ran out), 3 Vets, and Stevestion Marine - the last two are usually last resorts. Unless the gas dock owner change his focus from last year they won't have anchoivie... tell me if that's changed.
Have fun, Jason
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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