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Frozen Fingers

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I was out on the upper Chilliwack today. I knew it was going to be chilly so I dressed for it, except I had on these thin wool gloves. My fingers got so cold that I had to give up after an hour. Also, the end of my rod tip kept getting blocked up with ice. Anyway, I have regular type winter gloves but I like to be able to feel the line, especially my thumb on the reel. Does anyone have any tips on the proper gloves to wear in this kind of weather?
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I bought a pair of neoprene gloves, full fingers on the last two fingers, at Berry's before my Fri-Sat trip with Rib. They were helpful, but I gotta tell you, it was still freakin cold, especially when hiking, and not fishing. As for ice, just rub a thin, thin, coat of vaseline on your guides, it lasts all day, and will not allow any water, and therefore ice, to collect on your guides.
Ihave a pair of Sims fleece gloves that Igot from Micheal and Young that are amizing they have a gortex liner that cuts the wind and flip back fingers and thumb. I was out on the upper Chilliack today and had no problems with the cold, sure makes a difference fishing in this weather when your comfortable, unfortunately they didn't help me catch any fish. There not cheap, I think they were around 70 bucks, but they were well worth the investment.
I probably have the same pair of gloves...I bought them from the My Fly Shop on broadway and they are worth the investment. No more frozen hands looking like a gimp trying to tie on a new leader. They work great... haven't let me down yet. Now if I could only catch a steehead!
Read the thread on winter fishing gear....Fleece gloves with just the ends of the thumb and index finger cut out (on the side you control line and wind with) work great in cold weather when it's not raining or snowing. If there is moisture falling from the sky and it's cold,then I would go to the neoprene with a small cutout at the finger tips. Also take along a couple of hotpax. They can be reused and you can take off the gloves and warm the hands and gloves every once in awhile.. They last all day.............Ortho 8)
i had no problems with the fingerless neoprene gloves when i was out yesterday.
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