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Funny happenings while fishing

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Anybody got some good tales to tell?

One of my weirdest tales was in the fall trout season.
Some people on the river had some tame mallard ducks that liked to hang around humans.
This day I noticed them swimming in circles in a favorite pool.
Just downstream of them were a lot of rising cutthroats. Ducks were stirring up some kind of flies.
Ok. Started casting to rising trout and landed several over 14" long.
Made a cast behind ducks but blew the cast.
It bounced off one quacker and before I knew it, he had the fly in his mouth.
WWeell. You should have heard him. What a god awful noise he was making
quacking and screaming very loudly.
Finally got him in.
Hooked in the tongue.
Managed to get hook out without hurting him and set him on the water.
He took off running across the water and hid behind a large rock to sulk for a few hours.
The next day I hooked 3 more but managed to shake them off.
That was the last time I fished behind ducks.
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Thank you Professori.
I apologize.
last time I was in Chilliwack , there were so many guys on the top.. about 15 on the road side and 5 on the other.. I was there for about 5 minutes and than from nowhere came a black bear.. it came to river in about 10 meter from one of the guys opposite to me.. I was lookin what a big dog does he have :) than I realise it is a bear :)) they were looking to each others eyes bear was cool but that guy was like stoned.. who wouldn't be? :) it was may be for 2 minutes than the bear left..
one time when I was fishing the saltchuck, my friend was mootching at over 100 ft deep when he got a hit. The "fish" shot right up to the top so we were sure it was a salmon. Instead it turned out to be a duck with the herring in its mouth. We sure was a heck of a time trying to get it off
I was buzzbombing outside of Ucluelet, on the chuck, and I hooked into a seal. I also caught a seagull that hit my buzzbomb as well. But the craziest was when we were trolling outide of Hardy...a school of porposes went by, and our gear went zipping! A porpose took everything, except the rod..the line just snapped at the end.
My know it all, obnoxious brother in law, who also happens to be from Paris, not that it really matters, hooking himself in the lip with a Doc Spratley, after telling me that they are the worst fly to use and they never catch anything. While he was getting the hook out I hammered a 5 pound rainbow in a lake known for small fish.
one time my dad had a fish on and had it right close to the boat when a killer whale came up underneath it and tore it off the hook :eek:
too bad he missed the hookset that would have been the biggest fish of the day ;) :happy:

cheers :cheers:
was out fishing sturgeon last sunday, the bite was slow and i was not paying much attention to the rods when all of a sudden i looked at my rod to see it bent over the boat. i quickly grabbed the rod and went to set the hook but it flew out of my hands and into the river. without hesitation i jumped in after it and retrieved the rod and fish still attached to the end. i swam it back to the boat(about 5 feet) and handed the rod to my buddy, who set the hook and handed it back to me. final result 6foot 4inch sturgeon and $300 worth of gear saved. i know not the best idea jumping into the Fraser, but it was a natural reaction which happened so fast.
That's a good one sts! That cool how the fish just mouthed the bait and moved without anyone seeing the tap tap tap. I assume the rod was in a rod holder?
Great topic! A couple of years ago I was on the Atnarko for springs. While we were fishing a gentleman who was there from Austria to photograph the grizzlies came walking up to the pool we were fishing. While he was getting his tri-pod/camera ready my buddy and I hooked into a double header, we landed both fish and this guy asked if he could take a pic of the two of us with the fish. We agreed and he was in awe at the size of the fish (both were about twenty pounds) and said they were the biggest fish he had ever seen. He procedeed to take photos of everything and anything that moved. A short while later a group of merganzers came down river to where we were, so I pointed them out to this fellow and said "merganzers". Well his english was OK however limited and he kind of shrugged his shoulder, so I went on to say "they are fish eating duck". His jaw dropped and he backed away from the water and said to me "you mean za fish zay eats za ducks" I howled and went on to tell him that no he had it backwards.
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That's a good one Bill hahha, thanks for sharing hahaha, :happy: :thumbup:
Big Green Machine said:
That's a good one sts! That cool how the fish just mouthed the bait and moved without anyone seeing the tap tap tap. I assume the rod was in a rod holder?
Yes BGM the rod was in a holder and to be completely honest with ya, we didn't see the tap, tap because we where monkeying around with an umbrella on the boat to try to get some relief from the sun. i had left the top for my boat at home knowing it wasn't going to rain, so instead we had to settle for a man-ly purple umbrella(which is also a funny story)
Hooking my eyelid with a size 14 mosquito dry fly was an experience. The fly was barbed so I deserved it. Getting it cut out by a doctor and getting it stitched was also a scene. That was 15 years ago...barbed hooks are now my enemy, for various reasons. :naughty:

Another one: Me and my buddies went winter steelheading, the CO came to check our licenses, but he didn't check mine. The next winter, it happened again, and again, he didn't check mine. By the 3rd winter, when the CO asked my buddies for their licenses, and skipped me once again, I finally asked him if he wanted to check mine, He just said, "no, that's ok." I was dumbfounded. My friends finally told me that the CO must have thought I was a status native. I'm hispanic, but I guess he thought I was native. I can't really explain any other reasons. And as far as I remember, the CO was a different guy every year. But I also did volunteer for the SEP, with the hatchery and a school, perhaps they knew who I was, I don't know. But they should still check me. What if I'm fishing illegally??? :hmmm: Oh well, crazy times!
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Fly fishing a local vancouver river for winter steelhead, i was standing on a slab of rock wedged in a steep bank, during the middle of a swing, i had the slab come out of the bank, and me jumping in 15ft from shore to not get wedged under the slab, all this infront of about 6 people out for a morning walk. Febuary water is NOT! warm. couldn't feel my feet for 1/2 hour, but thank god my backpack is water proof and had extra clothes inside. So the story ends no fish hooked and one seen in the run, and one wet 15 year old. no damage to the rod or gear

Good times
While fishing for socks at a busy bar two year back, I decided to break out my big straw hat for some sun shade. It's a giant straw brimmed hat from Hawaii, the ones the lifeguards wear on the beach.

Anyways, I'm wearing my hat, and my friend comes walking over with a funny look on his face.

:-\ "Yeah, so that ******* down there was talking **** about you."

??? "Me?!"

:eek: "Yeah, he was going off on you, saying how chinese people are ruining fishing etc, calling you a ****** (insert offensive racial name here) etc.."

??? "But.. did he not notice that I am so white as to be translucent?"

:D "I don't think he really bothered to look?"

??? "While he was beaking off to you about asians, did he not realize that you are chinese?"

;D "I guess not!"

:wallbash: "What an idiot...hahaha"
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My most recent funniest moment was having about a 20" chunk of North American Furry Salmon on my hook while sturgeon fishing....I told the guys beside me that their boat was parked too close...well they didn't listen....I accidently forgot to put silly string on my big gob of NAFS and well....it flew off the hook and landed right in the guys boat lol:happy: was very comical...everyone in our boat laughed and someone gave me an air hi-5 from the boat above lol...can I say bombs away.... ???
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