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The Greasy Chum and I headed to Garnet Lake near Summerland on Sunday. The road to the lake from Summerland is a very pleasant 2 wheel drive kinda road but we thought it might be interesting to drive to the lake from the Peachland side and it certainly was! Don't let the Backroads Mapbooks maps fool you. Most of the information in these books is as accurate as can be given the fact that most FSR roads that are inactivated are not kept up, but in this case, the fairly main road it shows on the map turned out to be a very treacherous goat trail that was washed out in sections. We did make it to the lake but unless you have a donkey, quad or really narrow 4x4 (we had a Toyota Tacoma) I would suggest coming in from the Summerland side.

We were pleasantly surprised to see 90% of the lake ice free. The ice that remained was very thin and floating around like small crystal islands. It was quite windy, but there were quite a few sunny breaks and you could almost hear the ice islands "crackling" as they melted.

We dragged the "Blue Dart" 12 foot aluminum about 100 metres down to the water (there is no boat launch) and started trolling. We tried leeches, a black spratley, a worm on a wedding band and some pots and pans, a deadly dick, and a small black kwikfish plug. Had a few bites and one small rainbow to the boat on the plug!! :shock:

We should have tried some chronomids but we ran out of time. Fishing was slow. I wonder if the lake will need to "turnover" before it becomes more productive?

Anyone else have any comments? Advice?


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I suspect most of the fish are taken on a worm and bobber from shore. As well spinners have been known to work on the suicidal trout. As for the road from Peachlland I have searched for the supposed 2 wheel drive road from the Summerland side and not seen anything I would venture with a 2 wheel drive truck.
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