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great new board !

not sure i introduced myself the last time i was here:

Name: lee
Age: 35
Language: english
Residence: vancouver
Marital Status: otherwise occupied
Occupation: healthcare provider

Fishing experience - oh, wow... learned to fish before i learned to ride a bike!

Your Favorite(s)
Favorite Salmon species: socks and springs
Favorite Trout species: rainbow, of course!
Favorite Other?: walleye (but, these days i get seasick if i'm out in the chop too long...)
Favorite fish to fish for: hmmm... what season is it?
Favorite river: haven't figured this one out yet.
Favorite Lake: Nippising in Ontario
Favorite Method: shore casting, jigging and drifting in my canoodle

I grew up fishing Ontario's freshwater lakes. Learned from my dad who put a rod in my hand when i was three. While other kids were heading south for march break, I went north fishing for two weeks every May when walleye season opened and the blackflies came out!! Fished the cap and the fraser (up around peg leg), dropped a line in the vedder and nearly got lost walking down the chilliwack river a few years back - then had to head back east for a bit. Good to be back! I appreciate most folks' appreciation for conservation and respect for the land/fish on this board. catch ya round!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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