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Global warming?

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Since September 1990, I come each year with some friends to the Smithers/Hazelton area to fish steelhead on the fly. We used to go for 2 weeks, mostly somewhere in the 1st 3 weeks of September. We have to save a whole year for this trip but we enjoy it very much.
We have had good years with some 8-12 steelhead landed per person in our 13 fishing days. We fish the Kispiox, Morice and Bulkley.
The last couple of years however, it looks that the steelhead run starts later and later.
Of course we can go later in the season, but as far as I can see it, that will give more chance to high and coloured rivers.
As we have to plan our trip quite some time in advance, I wonder wether our feelings are good that the run nowadays starts 2-3 weeks later than earlier.
Does anyone have an explanation maybe?
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I wish they were just late, maybe with the historic low levels in most of the Skeena tribs.some of the fish were just holding in the main stem but the truth is the returns are getting lower and lower, this year it was one of the worst. The global warming at this point is probably the worst enemy causing poor ocean survival and inhospitable life in the rivers due to high temps. and low level, some say it is an irreversible trend.
In re. to timing, I used to play that game and it never worked so decided to move up here instead. So my advise is,move up here and if you can't just come and enjoy it.
Well gkis, we will come again of course and we will enjoy it too!
This year was indeed very strange due to the low river levels everywhere.
We started in the Morice and at my first cast I hooked a small steely. But that was it for the next 3 days, so I called a friend at the Kispiox.
When we arrived there, the 3 of us hooked 4 fish on the first afternoon. The next 4 days no strike at all!
And then again another day with 6 fish hooked.
Anyway next year we will go at the end of September and we will enjoy it of course.

Main problem .............NETS across the mouth of the river...........both the commercial & native............also alot of poaching of these fish doesnt help!!!
Nets across the estuaries

I was reading about Atlantic salmon and the largest are in Norway. These beautiful rivers boasted large runs and netting across the estuaries nearly killed these Norwegian rivers until they finally outlawed this practice.
Some of the runs have returned.
It's true, some of the largest Atlantics enter Norwegian rivers. Most of them in the upper North.
They don't do a lot of netting overthere, but every salmon caught is killed by most anglers.
A pity, because Atlantics don't die after spawning like Pacifics. The can come back for a 2nd orn 3rd time!
And the salmon population in Norway has increased the last couple of years in other rivers as well.
But don't forget, they have lots of salmon farms in the fjords there and lots of those fabric salmon escape and mix with the wild population, so most of the smaller salmon caught in Norway are not from the original stock anymore.
So please support Friends of the Wild Salmon!
It can be an effect of the global warming when you look at the size of the Atlantic salmon that returns after one year in the ocean. They are extremely small- 0,8-1,5kg instead of 1,5-3kg, it’s the same both in Norway and Sweden. There are probably not enough to eat where they grow up.

Regarding to the net discussion there is an organisation in Norway called Elvene rundt Trondheimsfjorden (Trondheim-fjord rivers) www.elvene.no. They are paying the net fishermen not to fish in the fjord. This is done with contributions from sport fishermen and organisations with interest in saving the wild salmon.
This could maybe be a model for the mouth of Skeena?

I fished the Bulkley and the Kispiox in the end of September and beginning of October and it was really slow. Let’s hope it’s only temporarily and that next year will be better.

Skitt fiske
/Höjman from Sweden
Feed is also a factor. If you look to Alaska where there is no baitfish (herring, etc.) commercial fishery there is more fish now than historically....not the only reason why, but if there was more feed off our coast Im sure there would be more and larger fish.

Also............BAN GILL NETTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything dies in a gill net.
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