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I doubt you will get this before you head up there, but keep this in mind for next time. Hicks Lake is pretty good and has bigger fish than Deer and Trout Lake. Hicks you can troll a fly close to shore or troll a flatfish, willow leaf and stuff like that. I can't say I have seen many people fish Deer. I worked up there for a summer and people fish Hicks the most. However, Trout Lake is the first one you will see on your way up and if you have a float-tube or a small boat it is fun to troll around a fly. This lake is loaded and easy to fish, but the fish are rarely ever bigger than 12”. Just watch out for the small creek at the south end, it looks harmless, but it creates a bit of current when you’re in a float-tube. Have fun!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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