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Hey Guys'

Anybody have any information on the Gold River lately. I'm not to familiar with the timing of the run there. Is it worth making a trip over there in mid April.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. PM me if you think it's necessary. ;)

Thanks in advance for any responses ;D

Tight Lines, Wes Roffey
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The Gold is pretty much winding down now, although an increase in water levels usually pulls a few freshies in still. The main run is definitely over, but it has been a banner year for the Gold so it still could very well be worth your while! Good luck.
you may want to check the regulations. There is a new fishing closure in place from some where around the campsite just below town upstream. It started April 1. I think just the lower canyon down to tidewater is open to fish at this time.
rin nailed it. It is closed to protect the spawners. Good call with the last few years lack of fish. Plus they will be gett'n Pretty dark now too. Soft bellied does and Milt dripp'n bucks. Mind you there should be some fresh ones.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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