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Gonna do some practicing tomorrow

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If any guys feel like hooking up to chuck some lines I'm going to be out practicing casting tomorrow down at Peg here in chilliwack. Send me a pm if you wanna hook up. I'll be out by 8am for most of the day, if you wanna just come down and meet up I'll be at the top of Minto Channel. :cheers:
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Hey Buddy, sorry, wish I could join ya...gotta pay my dues with the girl though, otherwise i won't be going to the fishout...maybe the next couple weeks you'll come out my way and fish some of my local flows...swing some flies and catch up... :thumbup:

Would be good to see ya!

No worries man, I had about 200 other guys and gals to keep me company. Had a blast and figured out some casts. :peace:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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