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Well, I am not sure this is good or wise advice, but if you are sticking with the flyrod, there are a lot of options. However, the accessability to a boat would almost asuure success as we have a lot of small lakes in the area that are fishing well at the present time. Most of the rivers in the area have salmon in them also, however the lack of rain is making this a difficult, very localized fishery. The area below the dam on the Stave River can be good. You can fish this area without a boat and you never know what you might catch there as there are trout, whitefish, salmon, and bottom fish all in the same area.
In the same general area is Whonnock Lake and Rolly lake and both have small trout.
Any tidal water of the lower Fraser River...Coquitlam,Allouette, Serpentine and Nicomeckl all have fish present this time of the year and they can be fished from shore, but it is usually better to float fish roe or a worm in these waters.....Check with Berry's Bait and Tackle in Richmond, Hub Sports in Abbotsford, or Fred's Custom Tackle in Chilliwack.
Tell them what kind of gear you have and they should be able to stear you into an area
Good luck, Ortho 8)
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