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Good rabbit fur strips?

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I need a source for good rabbit fur strips. On most of the ones I come across the backing or skin portion is quite thick . So with Bunny Fly patterns, quite a bit the gap(e) of the hook gets filled in reducing the effectiveness of the hook. So, does anyone have a source of "thin skinned" rabbit strips?
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I thin the skin out with my scissors....but just buy hooks with wider gaps. :beerchug:

Thanks for the reply. I'm not concerned about how wide the strips are, though, it's how thick the backing hide is. I got some strip material once that was really thin (don't know where and haven't found it since) and it made a big difference in body thickness. I am using some wider gap hooks; just wondering though if I can find that rabbit material that I know is out there.
Yeah I understood what you meant. I shear the skin/hide off with scissors.
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