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METRO VANCOUVER -- TransLink has given up trying to sell the Albion ferries, and will be sending them to the scrapheap instead.
The transit authority is not wasting time now that a decision has been made, and will proceed as soon as possible.
"As soon as we can make arrangements with a scrap dealer to take them and break them up," said Ken Hardie, a TransLink spokesperson.
The reason is the slowly climbing costs of keeping the ferries in good running order.
"Every month that goes by we were incurring fixed costs," Hardie said.
The ferries were built in 1972, but were not longer needed when the Golden Ears Bridge opened in 2009, spanning the Fraser River between Langley and Maple Ridge. TransLink wanted to sell them for about $1 million each.
The ferries, which ceased service shortly after the Golden Ears opened, had to be kept fueled, oiled, and in working condition so they were in good shape for a possible sale.
That gobbled up fuel and maintenance costs.
Hardie said that, looking at the state of the market, it seemed there was little chance of someone buying the ferries.
If, at the last minute, someone wants to buy one or both of the 25-car vessels, TransLink is still open to suggestions

Wonder how much we could get it for? Imagine the Sturgeon fishouts we could have :p
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