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Looking for some advice on good guides in the area, coming up some time next summer and would like some recomendations on guides, will probably bring up the camper so don't need accomidation and the whole lodge thing just a good local guide to take myself and three other guys to jet boat and drift the river and show me where the big springs are. :lol:

The going rate is appx.$250/person, if I were you would ask the owner himself guide me ...
I am reluctant to recomend any guiding outfits as, like in fishing, you may have success with the worst guide and no action at all with the best, plus being a local, guides are not my friends :twisted:
Try Dustin with Nicholas Dean Lodge, Tracey with Steelheadheaven or just rent a boat and backtroll(I think that's what they call it, I flyfish only) roe in the classified section below Kalum R.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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