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Hello folks.

Thought I'd chip in. I was fishing today...not for myself, but my guests, a fun family of 4..it's always one of the cool things to get out and return to ones roots every now and then outside of personal fishing with friends and family---and guiding it was.

So...guiding I went.

We covered miles and miles and miles of water, getting started off Point Grey, heading to the QA, trolling south to the North Arm, back to the Pt. Grey bellbuoy, to the QB, to the 14 th Street Pier, to the QB, to the QC off Stanley Park..and NADA.

Then again, we weren't alone, radioing around and checking with all the guide boats, listening to all the conversations on the radio, and making a few calls on the cell phone all echoed the same message...there ain't NO FISH...everyone was spread out off the mouth as far south as Sandheads, the middle arm, the North Arm, inshore, offshore... all over the Vancouver harbour..not 1 of the 15 guide boats out there had anything to report.


I had out the binoculars, keeping a close watch for fish on, etc..and nothing.

A few of the guide boats were off Sandheads, the T10, the North Arm, and armed and locked and loaded for Sockeye...6 rods out, 18 flashers, etc etc..and NADA! Small schools of Sockeye were visible on the mud flats, but it's way to shallow to fish for them.

I know of 1 dandy wild Coho that was released, and 1 large peahead chinook hooked off the QA at 100 feet, but otherwise, not a keeper fish was landed...even by all the boats fishing the West Van shoreline.

Save your $$$ Saltchuck Sporties, and go buy yourself a couple of burgers and a six pack, and you'll come out ahead.

Oh yeah. Lines were in the water at 6, and we hit the dock at 1 pm.
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