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Well I said my next post would be of success and it sure is. We boated 10 springs today, the smallest being about 6 pounds and the largest 12/13 pounds. Couldn't have been any better. Fresh salmon on the bbq and prawns, I'm stuffed.
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that's quite a report.

Holy SH*T. I am truly amazed and impressed. I may just quit my job and abandon my family and cross the Strait for good. Maybe I better sleep on it...
Another guy on another forum asked for details so I figured I'd post them here as well.
I was fishing the hump off kitty coleman (courtenay area).
I wish I had a bit of a story to tell but it was just a good day of fishing, we caught them all trolling, although we varied our presentations. Started with cut plug (caught 4) a night rider coyote spoon (2) OLR12 hootchie (3) and one on a cop car. 6 were taken using a dummy flasher with the presentation on a 9 weight fly rod (way better fight) and they were all caught between 175-200 feet except for one that took at approx 100 feet on the retrieve to check my gear (which was a double header because my buddy already had one on) Oh yeah my downrigger cable sprouted 4 frays so I had to re-crimp my downrigger cannonball snap each time. I hate losing $25 cannon balls and I use 15 pounders so they snap off easily when it frays, although I put snubbers on and they reduced a lot of the line shock. Thats all I can tell ya!
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Waterwalkin.......or should I say BlacktailStalker.....I recognize that story :wink:

I am MB_Boy over at HBC.

Congrats though...........sounds like you guys had a great day!
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