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SFU¹s Speaking for the Salmon Program and the Haig-Brown Centenary Committe are pleased to invite you to the upcoming Symposium on Sustaining Wild Salmon: Moving from Words to Action.

Date and Location: August 16-17, 2008, Campbell River, BC

The symposium will address the challenges that we face in implementing the Wild Salmon Policy.
Dialogue Questions include:
What are the threats to wild salmon?
What are we doing to honour Haig-Brown's conservation legacy?
What solutions and tools are available to sustain wild salmon?
What is the role for communities in implementing the Wild Salmon Policy? What will it take to move forward?

Associated events and Fieldtrips for you and your family:
- Key note addresses: the Honourable Iona Campagnolo, Terry Glavin and others
- An Evening at the Theatre with Haig-Brown
- Fieldtrips: Campbell and Nimpkish Rivers - snorkeling with the salmon in the Campbell River, Alert Bay and Nimpkish River traditional cultural experience and more.

For more information, please visit our website under the News and Events section at:

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