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im heading up to pink mountain to do some hunting .ill be there for a week but im going to fish the halfway for grailing any pointers never fished it

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just got back from the hunt .was up there for one week .the first five days we never seen any bulls .just so you know all bulls were open any horns meen shoot .seen lots of cow calfs and on around 8 to 12 mule,white tale deer a day.but thursday the weather changed 545 am we got our first bull around 1200 pounds untouched . 1 pm sameday we were done cleaning so we went out again oh my what did i find eating some willow behind a tree another moose ..i couldnt believe it two in 7 hours this one was around 700 pound untouched. when i say untouched i mean guts in and hide on .but the kicker was on friday . you see my budy was going on about his bear tag . he kept on seeing small black bears alll week.he wanted one bad. last day as in yesterday we seen the big one so boom shes down 300 to 400 pound black bear .mmmmmmmmmm so what started as a bad trip changed in twoo days .we left two days early with lots of meat ..it was a good trip but sorry no fishing would have been nice . i talked to the co on the way out and he told me the halfway was loaded with big grayling ...but who care i got a moose yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baby ha ha ha ha
:p :p :p :p :p :p :) 8)

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Hi danielk,

I am quite new to country and curious about hunting, as it's not something we do back in the Uk (unless rich).

What do you (well your budy) do with the bear you have taken. Is it shot for the meat, skin/fur or some sort of throphy (taxidermy) ?

Can anyone point me to a site that explains how I would go about obtaining a liceneced fire arm for hunting please?



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2 forum sites for hunting BC can be found @


You might also want to check out:

For more general firearm issues but be warned some of the posters on that site are
a bit 'out there' IMO

In BC you need to take the firearms course (national) and the CORE hunting course.
You can challenge both (as I did) and just do the examination. People on the above
sites should be able to point you in the right direction on where to do these near where
you live.

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