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Harrison for Pinks?

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Has anyone been fishing the Harrison near Kilby for the Pinks? Is it still worth trying? Any info would be great. :thumbup:
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Was up there on Sunday, man the weather was ugly, lot's of pinks in the river still, only caught one chum in about four hours of fishing, tried everything, all colours of wool, pink crocs, spinners, and some big blades but no love for me. Only saw two others caught and they were on the fly, probably pinks but I was to far away to see.
That's pretty slow!!! In years past when I've gone up there it's usually full of fish. I use a light spin cast with a Hotrod, and do pretty good. Although 2 years ago I went up in the first week of October and the run was almost done, I think they were early???? Thanks for the reports. :cheers:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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