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Dale, you may want to try around #7 island. It's shaped like an L or a 7. It's the first island upstream from the Harrison Mills bridge. The south side has fast water. While the north has slow water and a pool. I've caught coho and trout there. Another place is right at the very end of the Chehailis river.
It should be slow enough for fly fishing!?
This last place I'm going to suggest gave me my best day for coho. I hooked 6 coho and landed 4 in under 2 hours!
It's where Morris creek meets the Harrison. The water should be slow there too.
It was Oct.20th of 2000 and the river was slightly low. We landed 3 coho and one nice trout at #7 Is. in the morning.
Then we went to the mouth of Morris creek in the evening i was using 3/8 oz brass and orange croc spoon.
I have since taken up fly fishing. I'm sure those areas suggested should be good on the fly as long as the water conditions are not exteme low or high!?
Good luck and have a great trip!

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