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Harrison Springs

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Just curious if the Harrison sees a red run in the early part of summer, or is it just a run of monster whites in the fall. I have fish the mouth of the vedd for years, and know that the mouths of smaller tribs produce, but was just curious about the harrison.
Heading over that way next weekend and wondering if i should bring the other rods.
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There will be a very limited amount of reds going up the Harrison to the chehalis this summer. Although the harrison itself does not open for springs till september when the whites come in.

Mike <")))))><
most springs in the Harrison are heading into the Lilloet and eventually the Birk.
how do guys usually fish the Springs in the Harrison? Are Bar Fishing tactics productive?
They do bar fish but mostly from anchored boats in the bay and upstream from the bridge.
throw kitimats or koho killers silver with blue shades.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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