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Okay, it's a little late, but I thought I'd post it up anyway in case anyone was going to fish the lake in the next little while.

Wind was not very cooperative the two days I was there. It blew all day and really only left a few choice hours in the later evening with some semblance of calmness. Chironamid hatches were going strong all day. The famous Hatheume granny smiths were hatching all day...they were the typical bright green about #14. There were also some monster bombers coming off sporadically, especially in some of the small bays on the lake. The caddis were trying to hatch in the evening, but the wind spoiled that, I think. There were a few travellers flying around during the day, and also some small dark caddis.

You would think that with the bombers and tons of chironamids hatching (the swallows were everywhere), that the fishing was going to be good. But it was slow and inconsistent. When I pumped my first fish I found mostly glass worms in its gullet...no wonder. So we caught a few on chironamids, then after a few hours of nothing, I figured that since there were lots of huge leeches swimming around, the big boys are probably feeding on big food items. Tied up a leech on the clear line, dragged it around some fishy spots and the method produced the biggest fish of the trip, a couple of them pushing 4 lbs. Hatheume fish fight really hard, and it makes all the hard work for them feel justified. We also caught a bunch of smaller guys on dries (Goddard Sedge, #10).

Here's one of the larger chrome rockets that my friend Sheldon caught:

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