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Fished HARD all day. 7 am til 7pm. Fog was the enemy til about 2 pm, could barely see 50 yards at the best of times. Fished The lighthouse, Seabird Rock, Maquinna and Bajo. Hit a 10lb spring @ 140' in 150' of water off Bajo 4 hours into the trip. Early afternoon put a nice tyee in the boat for me and my buddy missed a couple beauty takes. All day we saw 4 fish actually boated, very slim pickin's. Big algae bloom happening right now, could be a factor. The water is pale murky brown everywhere so visibility is highly limited. Saw an awesome bit ball, we thought it was a humpback below us at first it was so dark and huge! No takers around it even though we fished it hard... Nice day on the water though, winds from the NW kept it very nice on the inside of Maquinna and Seabird and all in all it was just a great day on the water.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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