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Fish in April have been great! The eulachon came in not as strong as they have in past years but a good return still. Right behind the eulachon came the herring all a good size and in good numbers as well. Following both of these fish is the ever hungry Pacific Halibut. I have been fishing in Chatham Sound, and when the weather allows at this time of year out in the Hecate Strait. I have hooked on to 28 Halibut this April with 15 o0f them over 50 lbs, 10 over a 95 lbs, and the others were all perfect chickens! Nice for the pan while out fishing…there is nothing like fresh halibut for breakfast.

Crab are plentiful in the harbor but all have been on the soft side. Out of a 24 hr soak I have been averaging 12 keepers but 10 are soft, so throw backs, only keeping 2 from the inside traps. Out in the Hecate Strait they all have been great 10 minutes from my Red Snapper and Ling Cod hole. I have been averaging 10 on a one tide soak.

Rock fish have been good as always but I have been on halibut more often than the rock fish, except the occasional Linger and Red Snapper. I pulled a 76 Lb Linger last Monday and a 24lb Red Snapper as well.

The weather was a bit ugly in March but April is looking great mid month here. The sun is out and the temperature is between a brisk 2 degrees in the am and 12ish in the later part of the afternoon. The pattern looks like it's holding unlit Saturday for sure.

Hope you have a chance to get out this way this spring or summer as it looks to shaping up to be a warm and fishy one.

Aey aye from Captin Brian aboard the Reel Down Hecatestrait.ca

Brian Lutz
Hecate Strait Charters
Prince Rupert, BC
250-600-2939 cell
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