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I am an avid fisherman and a full time Fireman from Utah, USA. For the past 5 years, have been visiting the San Juans & Gulf Islands each summer. I charter out of Anacortes and spend two weeks; mostly in the Gulf Islands with my family and 3 friends who charter as well. I will admit what you all know.....the magical beauty of this part of the world can only be experienced.....and not explained. I have traveled all over the globe and truly consider this part of it my favorite! I am planning on spending most of my summer months post retirement (3 years woohoo) on a boat wherever the tides take me! Recently I purchased a kayak for fishing which has opened up a totally new experience in fishing! This year I will bring it with me and try my luck!

I look forward to reading all I can on how, when and why to be successful in these waters, and thank you for this blog!!!!!~

As well............am humbly asking for any advice you may offer!

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