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Hello Fellow Fishermen! I need some info!!!

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Hi guys, got a new boat a couple of weeks ago. Enverude Gullwing 14 foot...(i still dont know what that means) with a 55hp johnson.
My brother takes care of the boat and Im supposed to figure out WHERE to go and fish. Does anyone have any calm waters to suggest? Its our first boat here in Vancouver area so we'd like to start off calm. Any suggestions on where to try the boat out, even if the fishing isnt extremely productive. We just want to get our feet...boat...wet.

As well, where should we go to when the pinks are in??? We're accustomed to driving so suggestions within a few hours drive of Vancouver/burnaby is welcome.

Thanks in advance
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The place, well the only place, for that boat is the West Van shoreline on calm days, I fish there out of a 14' Lund all the time.

Unless you have downriggers you'll find it tough fish are down deep well it's not all that deep but dragging a line with a weight attached is tough maybe a planer would work but not when it's crowded, and once the fishing gets better it'll be stupid crowded. :wallbash:

Launch @ Ambleside, you're in luck with a smaller boat because at lower tides bigger boats can have difficulty launching.

You might try in front of Cates Park for Pinks they fish them there from shore, an underwhelming fishery if ever there was one.

There are times you can use a small boat like that on the Fraser too, not always safe but doable.
You also have the option of fishing up in indian arm. The Indian river has a decent run of pinks and the water is pretty calm up there. Not sure where you would launch to get there, somewhere around deep cove I imagine...I always used to drive over the mountain to get there, but now that the road is deactivated, that boat of yours is a sweet option. You can tie the boat onshore at the mouth and hike up a bit to fish them in the river itself, or you can fish for them in the Salt before they head upriver...Take the fly rods. ;)

Thanks to both of you.

Hey Rib, thats sounds like a cool option. If I get onto/into the indian arm, how will I get to indian river?? Is it far up? Ill get some nautical charts etc. Would that area be productive during the pink run?

Ashton.....in going up Indian Arm which is that entire inlet from Deep Cove that runs a way's up inland, the Indian River is on the West side at the very top of the "Arm". You will be able to see it on charts for sure.

Like Rib we used to drive in but that is not an option anymore. I think we will definitely hop in the boat and head up there later on in August for some Pink action.
Hey Pippen, thanks...again. You've answered about 3/4 of my questions on this forum.
Ashton.....no sweat.....that is what this forum is for. :beerchug: I have plenty of mine answered and like to help out where I can. :peace:

Besides....helping out a bit of a rookie is a pleasure. I was there once too.......I hate to admit it but it is true. ;D
what's prime time at mouth of indian river? and what kind of setup would you use? flasher, pink hootchie? how far down?

I would tend to think prime time would be into the middle/late August and carrying in to September? I have not fished the run on the last "pink" year and I seem to recall fishing the previous run around late August.

I wouldn't really bother trolling up at the mouth.....likely just cast anything pink in the water.....or break out some flies.

Here is a thread that talks about it a bit too...

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