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Just moved to this beautiful island. so anxious to wet my line but I know it would be better to go out witha local fishing buddy.

Pls pm me if you are close to Nanaimo and like to teach a newcomer some tricks.

I am reading back road maps. long lake and quennel lake should be good for bass fishing. unfortunately, we dont' have much walleye at VI

Hope I could make friends here.

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Hey jighead you are in an awsome spot in terms of freshwater fishing. You have lots of lakes with trout in them right close to home and the rivers that are around you... right now there are trout in them (rainbows, cutties and in some cases browns) but come fall the rivers have salmon runs and that is the best fishing I do all year. I fish the Big Qualicum for coho and then there is the Nanaimo river to explore. You are also very close to Pt.Alberni and that has the Stamp River....which has sockeye in it right now and there are tons of lakes aroud there and on the way there. If you want more specific info just let me know.
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