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Hello everyone... I'm the latest Noob!

Originally an East Coaster (New Brunswicker), I transplanted to Courtenay, BC in 2007.

My line of work has had me living in various locations across our great country, so I've had the opportunity to try various Canadian fishing grounds. I grew up fishing Trout in the lakes back home, but mostly fished Smelt and Makerel off the warf or lobster boats. I had four years in Ontario, 2 of which were in Thunder Bay, where I got familiar Northern Pike, Walleye/Pickerel, and some nice Small Mouth Bass.

Now a West Coaster, I'm diving into Salmon! I do not own a boat, so I mostly wait for the river fishing to kick in. I hadn't ventured outside the Punledge River Chum fishing til recently, when I tried the Pinks in the Campbell River. Lots of fun!

Hopefully I'll get lots of good tips from all you guys and gals, and maybe make some fishing buddies.

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