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Hello fellow fishermen,

I have only fished the Nass and Skeena rivers, but I hope to one day make it up into Stikine country, in my opinion these rivers are worth fighting for. If you have been lucky enough to spend time in any of these watersheds I am sure you will agree, if you have not you owe yourself a trip up there! Check out the links below to see what you can do to help prevent mining in the headwaters of these 3 great rivers!!!!!


Pat AV

From the concerned about coalbed methane society out of Smithers BC:

North of Smithers, the BC government and Royal Dutch Shell are pressing ahead with plans for a massive coalbed methane field at the shared birthplace of the Nass, Skeena and Stikine Rivers.

Known as the Sacred Headwaters, this vast alpine basin not only gives rise to three of BC's greatest salmon rivers, but is also home to bighorn sheep, caribou and grizzly bears.

Coalbed methane development, with its maze of wells, roads and pipelines, will certainly spell disaster for the remarkable ecology of the Sacred Headwaters.

Rumours are that Shell will try to access the Headwaters sometime in the next two weeks. If they do, elders of the Tahltan Nation are likely to block the road and risk arrest.

If you find this development alarming, we encourage you to get involved. Here's what you can do:

Join the Sacred Headwaters Witness Team at skeenawatershed.com. You will be notified of upcoming events and opportunities to get involved where you live.
Send a fax or e-mail to Shell and the BC government using the Skeena Watershed Coalition's online action centre.
Travel to Iskut and bear witness at the road blockade. Iskut is approximately a five-hour drive north of Smithers on Highway 37. Hotel beds are limited, so witnesses are encouraged to bring camping gear. Skeena Watershed Coalition will be organizing buses and car pools.
Participate in the All-Nations Witness Camp in the Sacred Headwaters basin. The Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition is subsidizing flights into the alpine camp. Campers must be self-sufficient and have wilderness camping experience.
Spread the word about the Sacred Headwaters campaign by sending this e-mail to your friends, family and co-workers. (Click here to forward this to your friends)
To join the Sacred Headwaters Witness Team, visit the Skeena Watershed Coalition website: www.skeenawatershed.com. For transportation inquiries, contact Todd at (250) 842-6401 or e-mail [email protected].

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Thanks for the heads up, I will write a long letter and support this cause.

With the Fraser being sucked into the vacuum of progress these amazing watersheds represent the last of the truely magnificent watersheds in our Province.

These liberals are selling out the environment at all angles, it is disheartening to say the least.

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Excellent, thanks for the info Pat, its important for us all to know whats happening to our watersheds. I used the online action center to send an automated mail out to various govt.

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I've done my part. Who else here will do theirs? At the very least read through the information provided in the link. It's about time these kind of projects came to stop. We need to lend our support before every last one of our precious watersheds are destoyed in the name of progress.

Read it. Sign it. Send it.


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