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a buddy of mine and i are thinking of heading up to the interior for some fishing. i am not sure if we could get more action there or if we stayed in the mainland. anyone have any suggestions. we would be fly flishing in both areas
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if you were thinking of doing lakes in both areas i would go with the interior as the fish have had all season to get big and fat and they know winters coming and it time to FEED. you may also get out of some of this rain.
I was up in the Merritt area about 10 days ago. Fishing is VERY spotty. I really suspect it has alot to do with the unseasonable weather they've been having up there. Little sun, colder than normal for Sept/Oct, some winds, low pressure systems for the last several weeks (and forecast to continue for the next few days). If you do go up there, I'd also suggest dressing warmer than for normal fall fishing...there was some snow mixed in the with rain when I finished up one day on the lake.

Sorry about not being able to give a more upbeat report but those were my observations.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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